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    ncaa 2016 golf championships

    2016 Division II Men's Golf Championship

    May 17 - 21, 2016

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GVR Clubhouse

clubhouseThe Clubhouse... better known as the 19th hole.
The Green Valley Ranch Golf Club offers a warm, rustic feel that provides the perfect opportunity for easy conversation, fun and fellowship. We have worked to create a place where guests and Denver locals can escape the hectic pace of city life and return to a simpler time and a closer community.

Outdoor-PavilionThe clubhouse patio was voted one of the State's Best Back Porches in Golf by Rocky Mountain News.

Outdoor Pavilion

Our outdoor pavilion is located just off of the 18th green and is the perfect location to host your private party, wedding or tournament dinner/lunch! Spectacular views, an intimate setting and seating availability up to 140 people make our pavilion truly unique in the Denver Metro Area.

Contact our Food & Beverage Director at (720) 974-4740 for more clubhouse information.
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