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    Colorado Senior Open

    August 26-28, 2020

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    Colorado Open

    July 23-26, 2020

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    Colorado Women's Open

    June 3-5, 2020

Colorado Open - Past Winners

Colorado Open Record Book

Colorado Open Champions

1964 – Bill Bisdorf
1965 – Bill Bisdorf
1966 – Bob Pratt
1967 – Bill Bisdorf
1968 – Vic Kline
1969 – Ted Hart
1970 – Wright Garrett
1971 – Dave Hill
1972 – Gene Torres
1973 – Bill Johnston
1974 – (a) Gary Longfellow
1975 – Pat Rea
1976 – Dave Hill
1977 – Dave Hill
1978 – Paul Purtzer
1979 – Larry Mowry
1980 – Larry Webb
1981 – Dave Hill
1982 – Dan Halldorson
1983 – James Blair
1984 – Willie Wood
1985 – Al Geiberger
1986 – Mark Wiebe
1987 – James Blair
1988 – Steve Jones
1989 – Chris Endres
1990 – Bob Betley
1991 – Bill Loeffler
1992 – Brandt Jobe
1993 – Bill Loeffler
1994 – (a) Brian Guetz
1995 – Mike Zaremba
1996 – Jonathan Kaye
1997 – Doug Dunakey
1998 – Shane Bertsch
1999 – Bill Riddle
2000 – Scott Petersen
2001 – Brett Wayment
2002 – Kevin Stadler
2003 – No tournament held
2004 – Bill Loeffler
2005 – Wil Collins
2006 – Dustin White
2007 – John Douma
2008 – Brian Guetz
2009 – Derek Tolan
2010 – Nathan Lashley
2011 – Ben Portie
2012 – Derek Tolan
2013 – Zahkai Brown
2014 – Ian Davis
2015 – Jimmy Gunn
2016 – Neil Johnson
2017 – Jonathan Kaye
2018 – Dru Love

Colorado Women's Open Champions

1995 – Shelly Rule
1996 – Stephanie Martin-Cobb
1997 – Lanny Whiteside
1998 – Dawne Kortgaard
1999 – Shannon Hanley
2000 – Janis Littlefield
2001 – Tamara Johns
2002 – Isabelle Beisiegel
2003 – Lisa DePaulo
2004 – Julie Tvede
2005 – Erin Kerr
2006 – (a) Paige MacKenzie
2007 – Walailak Satarak
2008 – Walailak Satarak
2009 – Whitney Wade
2010 – Moira Dunn
2011 – Jessica Carafiello
2012 – Joy Trotter
2013 – Becca Huffer
2014 – Kendall Dye
2015 – Allison Emrey
2016 – Lauren Coughlin
2017 – Liz Breed
2018 – Lexi Harkins

Colorado Senior Open Champions

1999 – (a) John Olive
2000 – Dick McClean
2001 – Greg Harmon
2003 – Roy Christensen
2004 – Jeff Thomsen
2005 – Mike Zaremba
2006 – Bob Ralston
2007 – Dave Arbuckle
2008 – Joe Stansberry
2009 – Bill Loeffler
2010 – Perry Arthur
2011 – R.W. Eaks
2012 – Greg Bruckner
2013 – Doug Rohrbaugh
2014 – Ron Schroeder
2015 – Greg Bruckner
2016 – John Ross
2017 – Albert Johnson Jr.
2018 – John Riegger

(a)-denotes amateur

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Update - COVID-19 Precautions
  • Golf carts will be available for single riders only beginning Monday, April 27, on the 18-Hole Championship Course. Due to a limited number of golf carts, there may not be a golf cart available at your tee-time.  Golf carts are not allowed in the parking lot at any time.  GVR staff will be assigning golf carts 10 minutes prior to your tee time.  After the round, you must return all golf carts to the cart barn cleaning area.
    • NEW (May 16): Family members from the same household may ride together with proof of residency. The cart fee is $20 per rider.
    • NEW (May 16): Single rider carts can be upgraded to include a second bag for a walking player, for an additional $10 ($30 total). One designated driver – no switching. Passengers may not ride in the seat or on the back of the cart.
  • NEW: Effective Saturday, May 16, the driving range, practice putting green, and chipping green are OPEN for guests who have a tee time. All guests must adhere to Social Distancing and Face Covering guidelines. Please do not arrive any earlier than 20 minutes prior to your tee time. The driving range will have limited spots available. The maximum number of golfers on each practice green is FOUR at a time. 
  • NEW (May 9): The golf shop is open for check-in and merchandise sales. A maximum of FOUR golfers are allowed in the shop at any one time. We strongly encourage you to use our app to reserve tee times, and remotely check-in and pay. The system works really well and we’re thrilled to see so many guests use it. Thank you.
  • NEW: We need a favor from all of our guests. We’ve had too many incidents of guests violating the City of Denver face-covering order. Face coverings must be worn from the time you leave your car to when you finish interacting with our starter and arrive at the first tee. This is for your protection as well as other guests and our staff. We will continue to enforce this policy until the City changes its COVID-19 guidelines. GVR will not provide masks to guests.
  • Do not touch the flagstick and the flagstick must always remain in the cup. The cups have been modified, allowing players to hole their ball but eliminate the need to touch the flagstick or cup when retrieving the ball.  You may still post scores using the USGA’s recommended most likely score guidelines.
  • Rental Push Carts are available for rent, but Rental Clubs are not available.
  • You must book your tee time online or by calling the golf shop at 303-371-3131. All tee time reservations are made for walking with the option of adding a golf cart.  Any existing tee time reservation can be edited to add a cart.  Walk-ups not allowed.
  • The day of play, online pre-payment through the GVR App, or over the phone pre-payment/check-in is REQUIRED for all players. Payments can be made online for normal rack rates only.  All other rate types must be processed by calling the golf shop at 303-371-3131.  GVR Members can remotely check-in online through the GVR App. 
  • 9-Hole Par 3 Course is OPEN for WALKING ONLY.
  • Mandated Social Distancing guidelines must be adhered to in the parking lot, on the golf course, and around all buildings, including the Golf Center, Ebert’s, and Starter House. Please don’t assemble as groups before, during, or after your rounds.
    • No handshakes and high fives.
    • Maintain a minimum of 6’ social distancing everywhere.
    • Do not pick up or use other player’s clubs and golf balls.
    • RULE OF THUMB: If you take the head of your golf driver and point the grip at the person nearest you and can touch them, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before your tee time and meet the starter on Hole #1 of the 18 Hole Course when your group is called. Please maintain the minimum 6’ social distancing from the starter and all players AT ALL TIMES.  Scorecards and pencils are available, but we strongly suggest downloading our Green Valley Ranch Golf Club App located in the App store.  The app has a digital scorecard to keep your scores and GPS for yardage. Tee time intervals are expanded to 10 minutes to further comply with mandated social distancing orders.
  • Staff levels are reduced and appropriate to facility activity (i.e., less staff when possible to limit possible exposure). Course Rangers will be monitoring golfers on the course to ensure social distancing and assisting with any player needs.
  • Peak season rates are in effect, and we have waived our cancellation policy in case your plans change unexpectedly.
  • Water coolers have been removed from the golf course, so please be prepared with your own pre-filled water bottle if needed. To-Go food & beverage orders are available for purchase.
  • Bunker rakes, ball washers, and water buckets have been removed from the golf course. Feel free to play preferred lies.
  • As a reminder, please don’t congregate as groups before, during, or after your rounds to maintain mandated social distancing orders. Frequent hand washing is advised and bring your own hand sanitizer if needed.
  • If you are feeling sick, stay away until you are healthy.

Our highest priority continues to be the health and safety of all guests and staff who come to GVR.  We appreciate your support and adherence to these unprecedented rules and restrictions and your business. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy so you can play and enjoy more golf. GVR Golf Club staff will be strictly enforcing the safety guidelines. Guests that cannot adhere to or respect the guidelines will be asked to leave without a refund. We’ll keep you updated as changes occur, and thank you for your patience.  

Golf can be a peaceful refuge from all the uncertainty and unsettling news.  If you choose to play, we’re here for you.  We wish everyone good health and good luck.