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    Colorado Senior Open

    August 26-28, 2020

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    Colorado Open

    July 23-26, 2020

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    Colorado Women's Open

    June 3-5, 2020

The 3-Hole Par Challenge

"Finish strong" is how every golfer tries to complete their rounds. You can play great, or you can muddle through 15 holes, but if you conquer our "3-Hole Par Challenge" and score par or better on each of our last three holes, 16 (Par 4), 17 (Par 3), and 18 (Par 5), we'll gladly reward you with a free draft beer, well drink, or soft drink at Ebert's Terrace. 
Stop in Ebert's and show us your scores on our app or scorecard. No verification needed - we trust our guests to score honestly. Then, enjoy your free beverage! 
How's that for finishing strong? 
Hole 16 - Par 4Hole 17 - Par 3Hole 18 - Par 5
20 09 29 GVRHole 16 20 09 29 GVRHole17 20 09 29 GVRHole18
Our power is out and not expected to be restored until tonight. Our tee time reservation is down as a result. Also, our phones are out. If you can wait until tomorrow to reserve a tee time, we'd greatly appreciate it. Also, we cannot process credit cards. If you are coming to play today, please bring cash.