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    Colorado Senior Open

    August 26-28, 2020

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    Colorado Open

    July 23-26, 2020

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    Colorado Women's Open

    June 3-5, 2020

Championship Course Tour & Information

  • Front
  • Hole01

    Tip: This excellent starting hole offers a challenging drive over wetlands to a well-bunkered fairway.
  • Hole02

    Tip: Staying left off the tee opens up the fairway and avoids the large cottonwood tree. On your long second shot, stay left to avoid the tree that guards the right center of the fairway 47 yards from the center of the green.
  • Hole03

    Tip: This generous fairway allows you to hit your driver from the tee. The large undulating green accepts green accepts most shots. Three putts are possible.
  • Hole04

    Tip: Risk leads to reward on this short dogleg left. The safe play calls for a 200-yard shot to the left edge of the bunkers located on the right side of the fairway. Big hitters may drive this green, but any shot left is trouble.
  • Hole05
  • Hole06

    Tip: This long downhill par 4 provides a very generous driving area. The tough part of playing this hole is the second shot. Accuracy is the key. Landing short is better than long or off-line.
  • Hole07

    Tip: This short par 4 offers a birdie opportunity. Keep your drive away from the trees guarding the right entry to the green. Be careful - this large green also sets up three putts.
  • Hole08

    Tip: A large stand of trees to the left and behind the green guard this beautiful par 3. Distance is the key when hitting over wetlands to a wide, but shallow green.
  • Hole09

    Tip: Aim at the bridge and let it rip to have a chance to reach in two with a strong second shot. A long drive right of the bridge may find the creel that crosses the fairway.
  • Back
  • Hole10

    Tip: On this tight driving hole, make sure to stay away from the bunker that runs the entire length of the fairway down the left side. Missing this green left or right guarantees time spent in the wetlands. If you miss the green, land short instead of long.
  • Hole11

    Tip: One of GVR's toughest holes, the driving area is larger that it appears from the tee. ON your second shot, perhaps the most challenging on the course, stay away from the right side and left the hill to the left of the green help you.
  • Hole12

    Tip: Bit off as much as you can on your drive. Large bunkers guard the second shot. On the difficult approach, the elevated green will hold your shot.
  • Hole13

    Tip: With water now surrounding much of the green, there are no mysteries, hit the green!
  • Hole14

    Tip: Big hitters can once again take a chance and drive the green. Any shot right finds the bunker not seen from the tee. The safe play is a tee shot of about 200 yards, leaving a short wedge to a small green.
  • Hole15

    Tip: The generous fairway allows you to hit a driver on this long, downhill par 4. The green is protected left by wetlands and right by bunkers. Short is the best spot to miss this tough green.
  • Hole16

    Tip: This hole marks the start of the Green Valley Ranch Three Hole Challenge. Take a chance with a driver off the tee or lay up to leave a safe second shot to a well-guarded green.
  • Hole17

    Tip: On this long part 3, you hit over wetlands and a large waste bunker. Puts over 100 feet long are not uncommon on this large green protected by bunkers.
  • Hole18

    Tip: Wetlands run down the entire left side of this three-shot par 5. Fairway bunkers guard the landing of each shot. Par is very respectable on this hole.
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GVR Re-opened on Saturday, April 4th

We Are Open For Play With Precautions! 

Please read the entire notice

Greetings golfers,
Green Valley Ranch Golf Club reopens the 18-Hole Championship Course and 9-Hole Par 3 Course on Saturday, April 4, 2020, per the State of Colorado Governor’s Order and per the following City and County of Denver Parks and Recreation Department statement on Wednesday, April 1, 2020:

“The City and County of Denver is currently keeping our municipal golf courses closed.  Privately owned public golf courses are able to stay open per the Colorado Stay-at-Home order."

For everyone’s safety, Green Valley Ranch Golf Club is closely monitoring and complying with all state and local regulations and mandates regarding golf operations. 


  • The 18-Hole Championship Course and 9-Hole Par 3 Course will be OPEN for WALKING ONLY.  
  • Rental golf carts, rental pushcarts, and rental clubs are not available.  Private golf carts are not allowed. 
  • The driving range, putting greens, and chipping greens will remain CLOSED to maintain mandated social distancing orders and to reduce clusters/groups of golfers in any area. 
  • Mandated Social Distancing guidelines must be adhered to in the parking lot, on the golf course and around all buildings including the Golf Center, Ebert’s, and Starter House.  Please don’t congregate as groups before, during, or after your rounds.
    • No handshakes and high-fives.
    • Maintain the minimum of 6’ social distancing everywhere.
    • Do not pick up or use other players' clubs and golf balls.
    • RULE OF THUMB: If you take the head of your driver and point the grip at the person nearest you and can touch them, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE.  
  • You must book your tee-time online or by calling the golf shop at 303-371-3131.  Walk-ups are not allowed. 
  • On the day of play, payment through the GVR App or payment over the phone is REQUIRED for all players.  Payments made on the app are for normal rack rates only.  All other rate types must be processed by calling the golf shop at 303-371-3131. 
  • GVR Members can remotely check-in through the GVR App or by calling the golf shop. 
  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your tee time and meet the starter on Hole #1 of the 18-hole course or Par-3 course.  Please maintain the minimum 6’ social distancing from the starter and all players AT ALL TIMES.  Scorecards and pencils are available, and we suggest downloading our Green Valley Ranch Golf Club App located in both the Apple and Android App stores.  The app has a digital scorecard, GPS for yardages, and other cool things.  
  • Tee time intervals are expanded to 10 minutes to further comply to mandated social distancing orders. 
  • Staff levels are reduced and appropriate to facility activity (i.e., less staff when possible to limit possible exposure).  Course Rangers will be monitoring golfers on the course to ensure social distancing and assisting with any player needs. 
  • The golf shop will be closed to guest traffic, but restrooms will be open for use and cleaned on a regular basis.  Golf shop merchandise can be purchased over the phone and picked up from golf staff prior to playing.  
  • We have extended our non-peak season rates through April 9th. Transition season rates begin April 10th. We have waived our cancellation policy in case your plans change unexpectedly. 
  • During our recent closure, we have maintained the golf course, including aerating greens with a small solid tine promoting a speedy recovery. 
  • Water coolers have been removed from the golf course so please be prepared with your own water bottle if needed.  To-Go food & beverage orders are available for purchase. 
  • Bunker rakes, ball washers, and water buckets have been removed from the golf course.  Feel free to play preferred lies. Please smooth the bunkers with your feet or club. 
  • All flagsticks have been removed and the cup is raised one inch above turf level.  Once your ball strikes the cup, consider your ball holed.  You may still post scores using the USGA’s recommended "most likely score" guidelines.  We will have printed hole location zone sheets for all golfers daily so that each golfer knows where the hole is located on the green. 
  • As a reminder, please don’t congregate as groups before, during, or after your rounds to maintain mandated social distancing orders.  Frequent hand washing is advised and bring your own hand sanitizer if needed. 
  • If you are feeling sick, stay away until you are healthy. We'll still be here for you. 
  • NEW: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Governor Polis ask the public to use a non-medical face mask when venturing away from home. We hope our guests honor this request. GVR will not have masks to buy or wear.

Our highest priority continues to be the health and safety of our staff and all guests who come to GVR.  Golfers are asked to please help keep the golf course open by adhering to and respecting the safety guidelines that we've implemented.  GVR Golf Club staff will be strictly enforcing the safety guidelines.  Guests that cannot adhere to or respect the guidelines will politely be asked to leave. 
Golf can be a peaceful refuge from all the uncertainty and unsettling news.  If you choose to play, we’re here for you.  We wish everyone good health and good luck.