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Book a Caddie for Your Round

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Take a Caddie On Us
It's FREE - all you pay is a tip! 

As the summer months kick-off and we get into the longest days of the year, we have officially begun our 2020 caddie services.  Our First Tee juniors are eager to get out and help you enjoy the experience of having a caddie while they work towards earning a college scholarship.  We have re-tooled how our caddies operate within the COVID-19 safety and precautions. 

Our caddies are not able to carry your clubs, clean clubs, or attend the flagstick but that doesn’t mean they can’t make your experience more enjoyable. Below are the two new options for how our caddies will operate this year.

FORWARD CADDYINGSomewhat like a forecaddie, with 1 caddie on the tee box with you and the other in the fairway to help spot golf balls. 

2 caddies will assist all golfers in the group by:

Spotting balls---Getting yardages---Raking bunkers---Fixing divots ---Repairing ball marks---Assisting players with the care of the golf course

CART CADDYINGStill want to walk and not have to worry about carrying your bag?  The caddie will drive the cart for your group with your clubs on them. 

Cart caddies will also assist with:

Spotting balls---Getting yardages---Raking bunkers---Fixing divots---Repairing ball marks---Assisting players with the care of the golf course


Honor:  Highest level caddie with expert advice, knowledge of the game, and ability to provide superior service.

A-Class:  More experienced caddies with local course knowledge, green reading, and knowledge of the game.

B-Class:  Beginner or moderate caddies with plenty of hustle, good attitude, and excellent work ethic.

Green Valley Ranch proudly announces our 2020 caddie program - at NO CHARGE!
We ask you only tip the caddie for their exceptional service ($20 per player recommended).
Please call our golf shop, (303) 371-3131, to reserve a caddie at least 24 hours in advance.
All of our caddies are highly motivated and trained young boys and girls from The First Tee of Green Valley Ranch. 

By hiring our caddies, you help support their quest for an Evans Scholarship - the only full-ride college scholarship for golf caddies in the world. Read more about it HERE. Then take a GVR caddie the next time you play. 
Effective July 6: New cart rental policy and rates
    • Two riders from the same household may share a cart without face coverings.
    • Two riders not from the same household may share a cart and are required to wear face coverings while in the cart together. Players are responsible for self-policing this policy.
    • Single rider carts are available at the single cart rate for people uncomfortable riding with another person.
    • Four (4) single rider carts will be allowed per foursome, when necessary and available.
    • Carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Cart availability is not guaranteed and cannot be reserved or requested in advance.
      • Players requiring accommodation for a disability may request a golf cart at the time of booking or by calling the golf shop 24 hours in advance.
    • Please be prepared to walk if a cart is not available. Pushcarts are available to rent.
  • Single rider carts can be rented at the following rates, effective July 6:
    • 18 holes: Non-member - $30. Member - $27.
    • 9 holes/twilight: Non-member - $20. Member - $18.  
  • Dual rider carts can be rented at the following rates, effective July 6:
    • 18 holes: Non-member - $20 per rider. Member - $18 per rider
    • 9 holes/twilight: Non-member - $13 per rider. Member - $11.50 per rider.